Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Your Startup Guide 2024

To find good affiliate opportunities, ask your favorite brands if they have an ambassador or affiliate program. That way you can promote products you already appreciate and enjoy. Most larger companies will use what’s called an affiliate network to host their products. These are sites you sign up for that might represent dozens of brands, and it’s how you get your special links and marketing materials.

Because you needed a ton of traffic in order to make a significant amount of money, and the ads themselves would devalue your site and make it look horrible. These days we’ve seen a lot of companies shift to one-time payments. So it can be easy to make a sale on services because if I personally love and use them, there’s a good chance you will too. This is another big one for me, because of the nature of what I write about here. Generally, it can be a little bit more work to become an affiliate for these products because often the creator is a bit more protective of who they let market the products. In the golf world, I work with over 30 companies directly that have affiliate commissions of between 5-20%.

In fact, the link in the previous sentence is actually an affiliate link. If you were to click that link and make a purchase from Bluehost, our company would receive a commission. Customer engagement is a crucial element of every affiliate marketing strategy. According to Gallup insights, engaged customers are loyal and generate more revenue than the average customer. Now that you have the right keywords, you must ensure that the content prospects find is of the highest quality. Content marketing is about providing value to potential customers.

Follow the tips included in this article, and you’ll be able to engage your audience, convert passive readers into active consumers and enhance your paycheck one click at a time. Once approved, you will receive access to support, tracking, reporting, payments and have your own unique affiliate link to track every referral you generate. BigCommerce is committed to the success of our affiliate partners. Here are our top online marketing tips to help you get started. In this payout system, the affiliate gets paid each time they direct a user to the merchant’s website and installs a product, generally a mobile app or software. The consumer doesn’t always need to buy the product for the affiliate to get a kickback.

Affiliate commissions can range from cents on the dollar to hundreds of dollars per referral. Done right, affiliate marketing could help you earn more than your current job or diversify the revenue of an existing content business. For example, let’s say you’re promoting a product that pays a $50 affiliate commission for every sale. Out of every 100 visitors who click your affiliate link, 2 of them buy the product.

Choose a Profitable Niche That You’re Passionate About

In the case of affiliate marketing, the merchant controls the checkout, and their conversion rates are out of your control. In affiliate marketing, two conversions need to take place for you to make money. For example, the Wirecutter uses eye-catching boxes with product links anytime they share a top pick. Begin by crafting content that’s super helpful and builds trust with your buddies out there. Instead, focus on how-to, tips, tricks, and reviews — stuff that helps your audience.

And if a product creator can pay a percentage of any sale to an affiliate rather than have to spend significant amounts of money on ads? So, you don’t need to rely on social media platforms to interact with your audience. All of the major platforms have hiccups now and then, so when they go down you can always contact your audience via email. When coming up with your content strategy, also keep in mind a keyword strategy, especially for YouTube SEO (if you choose YouTube as your platform).


There also has to be demand for the affiliate product you’re selling. A high-paying commission structure is pointless AMS mobile application if there’s no demand for the product. On a website, you can track every visitor, every click, and every sale.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

For beginners, expect to learn closer to the low end to start as you build your affiliate business. Adventure junkie and founder of Biking Know How Rohan Kadam also turned his blog from a passion project into a successful online business by using affiliate sales. “I scaled my [affiliate marketing] business, especially during the challenging COVID pandemic, and made it profitable in a short period,” he says. So Rohan quit his full-time job at JP Morgan Chase and is now a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer.


Your target audience is someone who wants to buy a product but is wondering whether or not the product is worth it. They’re searching for product reviews, lists, and ratings to help them make their choice. To make money with affiliate marketing, you first need a website. Of these 3 types, involved affiliate marketing requires the most effort and time. However, the returns on investment are likely to be higher because you have built credibility and trust with your audience.

  • This step-by-step beginner’s guide will walk you through how to launch your affiliating marketing business and what benefits you can expect.
  • WordPress has more tools to help their sites perform at a higher level than other website builders.
  • The commissions paid depend on the type of product or service and the company.
  • An affiliate marketing funnel is a carefully laid out process that guides users from the start of their buyer journey to the point where they are a repeat customer.
  • This works for all three types of products you can promote, and I’ve personally seen success with each.

It’s more work and there’s a steeper learning curve, but if you build an affiliate review brand and you take both your written and video content seriously? You’re going to see significant growth and revenue in the months to come. If people are looking for a new game console, it’s probably going to be one of the two. That said, I don’t recommend you choose these due to the overwhelming amount of information about both – it’d be hard to rank well in the search engines for any terms related to them.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Generally speaking, ads are a great traffic strategy if you’re part of a high-paying affiliate program and can make the numbers work. Starting a business can be risky and expensive because there are upfront costs for products, employees, equipment, rent, etc. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve only wasted time and a little bit of money. One of the things that’s so great about affiliate marketing is that it is a truly level playing field.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

These commissions are usually a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount. You can also promote products or services such as Semrush even if you don’t own a blog or website. You can accomplish this by recommending this tool through email, videos, or social media, such as Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. However, SEO is not enough to keep affiliates going in such a competitive online environment where organic reach is hard to come by.

To start affiliate marketing as a beginner, begin by choosing a niche and platform for your business. There are many affiliate marketing programs available directly through brands or affiliate networks such as ShareASale or Skimlinks. Research and pick the best affiliate program to fit your needs, and start creating your content and building your audience. You only need to promote your affiliate products for a few hours each day and then let them sit for the rest of the day. The goal is to send traffic to your affiliate site and earn a small commission from each sales transaction.

Shorter cookie periods can still be effective for those customers who have already made the decision to buy. If you choose to work with programs with shorter cookie durations, be sure that your content targets people later in the buying journey. Embedding videos on an affiliate website is also an excellent way to boost conversion. But if you’re a total beginner, you’ll probably find it easier to start affiliate marketing with a blog. That said, if you’re starting affiliate marketing with no money or a small budget, I recommend picking a topic you’re passionate about.

This plan includes access to the Hostinger Website Builder, email hosting services, and unlimited free SSL certificates. It’s the perfect choice if you want to build a good affiliate website without the hassle of technical setup and web design processes. To create the best website for your affiliate business, you must choose a hosting plan that fits your needs and preferences. If the program or product you’re checking out feels “off,” or if you would personally never recommend the product to a friend or family member, then don’t promote it. This can help you figure out if the affiliate program is worth promoting.