20 NLP Projects with Source Code for NLP Mastery in 2023

Top 30 NLP Use Cases in 2023: Comprehensive Guide

example of natural language processing

NLP algorithms detect and process data in scanned documents that have been converted to text by optical character recognition (OCR). This capability is prominently used in financial services for transaction approvals. So have business intelligence tools that enable marketers to personalize marketing efforts based on customer sentiment. All these capabilities are powered by different categories of NLP as mentioned below. Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Power BI and Tableau allow analysts to get insights out of structured databases, allowing them to see at a glance which team made the most sales in a given quarter, for example. But a lot of the data floating around companies is in an unstructured format such as PDF documents, and this is where Power BI cannot help so easily.

Natural language processing analysis of the psychosocial stressors … – Nature.com

Natural language processing analysis of the psychosocial stressors ….

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This is unlike the word vector method described in the previous section, as a word will have a different vector representation depending on its role in the sentence. The Hitachi Solutions team are experts in helping organizations put their data to work for them. Our accessible and effective natural language processing solutions can be tailored to any industry and any goal. Depending on your business, you may need to process data in a number of languages.

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These are the top 7 solutions for why should businesses use natural language processing and the list is never-ending. Hence, it is an example of why should businesses use natural language processing. These are the 12 most prominent natural language processing examples and there are many in the lines used in the healthcare domain, for aircraft maintenance, for trading, and a lot more.

example of natural language processing

Voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant are prime Natural Language Processing examples. They’re not just recognizing the words you say; they’re understanding the context, intent, and nuances, offering helpful responses. Search engines use syntax (the arrangement of words) and semantics (the meaning of words) analysis to determine the context and intent behind your search, ensuring the results align almost perfectly with what you’re seeking. On the other hand, NLP can take in more factors, such as previous search data and context. “Say you have a chatbot for customer support, it is very likely that users will try to ask questions that go beyond the bot’s scope and throw it off.

Why Does Natural Language Processing (NLP) Matter?

Its ability to understand the intricacies of human language, including context and cultural nuances, makes it an integral part of AI business intelligence tools. Natural language processing (NLP) is the science of getting computers to talk, or interact with humans in human language. Examples of natural language processing include speech recognition, spell check, autocomplete, chatbots, and search engines.

And, if the sentiment of the reviews concluded using this NLP Project are mostly negative then, the company can take steps to improve their product. With the help of natural language processing, recruiters can find the right candidate with much ease. This simply means that the recruiter would not have to go through every resume and filter the right candidates manually. The technique, like information extraction with named entity recognition, can be used to extract information such as skills, name, location, and education. Then, these features can be used to represent the candidates in the feature space, and then they can be classified into the categories of fit or not-fit for a particular role. Some of the famous language models are GPT transformers which were developed by OpenAI, and LaMDA by Google.

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example of natural language processing